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We are dreamers and we are travelers
We are curious and we are passionate
We are grateful and we celebrate life
We dare to dream big

My name is Susanne Lochner, I am a green networker, private chef & world traveler.

My passions are Fresh Green Lifestyle, travel the world, explore various cultures and their cuisines, create healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes and soak up as much knowledge as possible.

Fresh Green Lifestyle and the culinary world are my lifelong projects.

This is a New Generation Business model for open-minded, progressive & outside the box Green Thinkers & Networkers.

Hi my name is Jelena Celar.

I am 1 part Green entrepreneur, 2 parts Mum, 1 part marketing content creator, 1 part photographer, 1 part yachtie, 2 parts Eco warrior ☺

I worked in hospitality for couple of years before I joined yachting. After 10 years of yachting I left and started a family. 

For the last ten years I have been living happily in Barcelona, Spain and last few years working as Ringana fresh partner.

I like getting people excited about the things that I am excited about. Right now, that’s anything and everything in green living.

RINGANA fresh partners team, Susanne and Jelena as Fresh Green Lifestyle, presenting you a fresh, innovative, sustainable and ethical company, RINGANA, from Hartberg, Austria.

The range of RINGANA’s freshly produced skin, body & health care products is unique worldwide, exciting, trend setting and certified. At RINGANA high-tech meets nature and consistency.

Fresh Green Lifestyle is part of this ecological and comercial cycle, a win-win situation for the animals, our environment, for other people and us. We want to create awareness, the first step towards a sustainable mindset.

Living a good life in a better and healthier world.

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