Making a change part #1

All over the world awareness is rising about the amount of plastic we use. Plastic that ends up in our oceans, rivers, lakes and our food.

Fantastic humans like the team of the Ocean Clean Up project are giving a great example. They are putting a lot of energy, effort, and passion into a solution to the problem. To read more about the Ocean Clean Up project click here.

After years working on boats we are aware that Superyachts leave a very small green footprint, but there are ways to compensate for that.
Using less plastic on board is an obvious step forward. Sometimes it seems hard to accomplish but we did some research and here is what we found.

Here are a few examples to make a change at home & on boats

  • The swag 100% natural reusable fresh produce storage.
  • Stainless steel & Bamboo Straws instead of single use plastic ones.
  • Bees wrap instead of cling film.
  • Organic Hair Ties by Kooshoo.
  • Eco Egg alternative to large plastic detergent Laundry bottles.
  • Stasher bags, reusable silicone bags which can be used to store fresh items, for sous vide cooking and to freeze food. I will certainly try them out very soon when I cook sous vide again.
  • Stainless insulated tumblers instead of plastic glassware by the pool.
  • RINGANA’s 100% Natural sunscreen, Micro plastic and chemical free. 
    Conventional sunscreen has Oxybenzone and Butylparaben which damages coral DNA and causes coral bleeching. 

Part of our blog will be about small but great steps taken by individual teams within the Superyacht industry. We know that there are plenty, but we can only write about the ones we know of. An example that we are particulary proud of is what Superyachts Ace and Garcon accomplished in Thailand December 2018. After spending years working onboard superyachts this is close to our heart too.

Ace and Garcon fleet brought this particular mangrove/beach clean up project to life, with the help of Zara Tremlett who is now a regional author of Super Yachts Services Guide. 
Zara and I met many years ago, when I was lucky to call Thailand my home.

Have a look at this inspirational video that Ace and Garcon crew put together of the day they went to Koh Yao Noi for a mangrove clean up. The footage will be showcased by the Monaco Yacht club to bring awareness to the Superyacht & Marine Industry. 

This is the beginning of something great and hopefully more superyacht crew will participate in similar projects in the future around the globe.
If you want to find out how you can get involved get in touch with us.

Please stay tuned, check out, follow and like our social media channels for more insides into our world of Lifestyle, Travel, Ringana, Food and more. This is only the beginning.

The movies have been created by one of my former colleagues and videographers Luka Brunton, who just started a vlog on youtube about his epic travels whilst working on superyachts.
Do you want to see more?
Check it out here.

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